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Fiches pratiques

Request for clarification of candidates for a public contract

This model can be used by all companies applying for a public contract, a public service delegation, a contract subject to the order of 6 June 2005 to put questions to the contracting authority or the contracting entity before submitting their application. application or their offer.


Request for communication of the reasons for rejecting an offer

This mail template allows all unsuccessful candidates to ask the contracting authority for detailed reasons for rejecting their bid.

The contracting authority must communicate at least three sets of information: the name of the successful tenderer, the number of points obtained for each criterion and sub-criterion for judging the tenders of the unsuccessful candidate, and the characteristics and advantages of the the successful tender, ie the number of points obtained for each criterion and sub-criterion for judging the tenderer's tenders.


Request for communication of the parts of the market

As soon as the contract is signed, any company, including those who have not participated in the procedure can claim the parts of the market and in particular a copy of the contract signed with the successful tenderer, the professional references of the successful bidder , the details of the price of the successful bidder (clearly the BPU) as well as the bid analysis report.

Companies can claim these coins or have them claimed by a person of their choice.


Claim template works contract

Model of claim memory to use in case of different financial running of the site or when the final draft bill is notified by the owner.
To be considered as such, the Council of State considers that a statement of claim must at least specify that it is a claim, (i) state the different (ii) and finally expose precisely and detailed the heads of contestation (iii) indicating on the one hand the amounts of the sums whose payment is claimed and on the other hand the bases for calculating the sums claimed (that is to say the supporting documents).