Vignette dossier marchés publics

Public markets

Order No. 2015-899 of 23 July 2015 on public procurement and Decree No. 2016-360 of 25 March 2016 define the rules for the award and execution of public contracts. The Cabinet Palmier - Brault - Associés decrypts for you the jurisprudential news of the public markets.

L’établissement du solde du marché par le juge du référé provision

The establishment of the market balance by the judge of provisional summary proceedings

CE June 10, 2020, Sté BONAUD, req. n ° 425993

In its judgment of June 10, 2020, Sté BONAUD, the Council of State recalls that in application of article 13.4.2 of CCAG-TX, the holder of a public works contract can seize the administrative judge including via a provisional interim payment if, 30 days after the notification of the formal notice to the public purchaser for the establishment of the market statement, the latter still has not produced this account being then specified that the production of said counting during the proceedings does not make the request lose its object 

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Intérêt à contester la validité d’un contrat par le conseil régional de l'ordre des architectes

Interest in contesting the validity of a contract by the regional council of the order of architects

CE June 3, 2020, Department of Loire Atlantique, req. n ° 426938

The National Council of Architects and the Regional Council of the Order of Architects have standing to contest the validity of a contract entered into in violation of Law No. 77-2 of the Law of January 3, 1977 on architecture. On the other hand, they have no quality to contest the reasons retained by a public buyer to legally resort to a design-build contract.

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Avis d’attribution : quelles mentions obligatoires pour faire courir les délais de recours ?

Notice of award: what are the obligatory terms to apply the appeal periods?

CE June 3, 2020, Avignon hospital center, req. n ° 428845

The bottom line: The publication of an award notice which mentions both the conclusion of the contract and the terms of its consultation makes it possible to start the period for appealing against the contract, regardless of whether it is does not indicate the date of conclusion of the contract.

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Recours en annulation d’un contrat de concession par un contribuable local : gare aux fausses joies !

Action to cancel a concession contract by a local taxpayer: beware of false joys!

CE March 27, 2020, MIH and others, req. n ° 426291

When a local taxpayer disputes the validity of a contract, it is his responsibility to establish that the agreement or the clauses whose validity he disputes are likely to have significant consequences on the finances or the heritage of the community. The Council of State also specifies the possibility of claiming the cancellation of an already terminated contract.

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Quels droits pour le sous-traitant tenu au remboursement d’une avance du fait d’une faute du titulaire du marché ?

What rights for the subcontractor required to repay an advance due to the fault of the contractor?

CE March 4, 2020, St Savima, n ° 423443

In this case, the Council of State recalls that when a public contract is terminated before the advance can be reimbursed by withholding tax on the services due, the public buyer can obtain the reimbursement of the advance paid to the contractor or its subcontractor subject to the expenses they have incurred and which correspond to services provided on the market and actually carried out. And when the subcontractor is obliged to reimburse the advance due to a fault on the part of the holder, he may incur his liability up to the costs incurred for the performance of the services envisaged.

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Candidats évincés : quel droit à indemnisation en cas de recours à une procédure irrégulière ?

Evicted candidates: what right to compensation in the event of recourse to an irregular procedure?

CE February 28, 2020, Sté Régal des Iles, n ° 426162

In this case, the Council of State provides useful details on the extent of the right to compensation of an ousted candidate when the irregularity affects the very choice of the procedure for awarding a contract launched by the public purchaser , as for example, in the event of irregular use of the competitive dialogue procedure for the award of a public contract or, as in the present case, in the award of a contract according to the procedure of delegation of public service to place of a public procurement procedure.

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La réception de l’ouvrage emporte la réception de l’ensemble des prestations de maîtrise d’œuvre

Acceptance of the work entails receipt of all project management services

CE December 2, 2019, Sociétés Guervilly, Puig Pujol Archtiecture, req.n ° 423544

In this case, the Council of State recalls on the one hand that the reception puts an end to the contractual relations between the project owner and the project manager as regards the services inseparable from the realization of the work in number of which include design missions; on the other hand, that the absence of notification of the general statement allows the owner to call in guarantee the main contractor for the assumption of additional works.

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Modalités de répartition et de contestation des pénalités par les membres d’un groupement conjoint

Methods of apportioning and contesting penalties by members of a joint group

CE December 2, 2019, Sté Giraud-Serin, req.n ° 422615

In this case, the Council of State ruled for the first time on the procedures for contesting late payment penalties by the members of a joint group and the jurisdiction of the administrative judge to settle this type of dispute.

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Le sous-traitant a le droit à la réévaluation du montant de l’acte spécial !

The subcontractor has the right to reassess the amount of the special act!

CE December 2, 2019, Department of the North, req.n ° 422307

In this case, the Council of State rules for the first time on the right of the subcontractor to obtain the reassessment of the amount of its special act as soon as it performs additional services that the owner cannot ignore.

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Marché tacitement reconductible : quels droits à indemnisation ?

Tacitly renewable market: what rights to compensation?

CE December 2, 2019, North West Touraine Health Cooperation Group, req.n ° 423936

In this case, the Council of State provides useful details on the extent of the right to compensation of an ousted candidate when the market is tacitly renewable. This case is an opportunity to recall the compensation rules for fixed-term contracts and for contracts with automatic renewal.

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