Vignette dossier délégations de service public

Public service delegations

Order No. 2016-65 of 29 January 2016 on concession contracts and Decree No. 2016-86 of 1 February 2016 define the rules for the award and execution of public service delegations. The Cabinet Palmier - Brault - Associés decrypts for you the jurisprudential news of the delegations of public service.

Droit à indemnisation des préjudices subis lors des manifestations « gilets jaunes »

Right to compensation for damages suffered during “yellow vests” demonstrations

TA Lyon, January 5, 2021, SARL Philippe Védiaud Publicité, n °1904879

The holder of a public contract has the right to be compensated by the State for damage and destruction of property assigned to the performance of a public service during demonstrations " yellow vests ". The Palmier Cabinet & Associés has just ordered the State to pay its client a sum of more than 100,000 € in this regard.

What you must remember :

The possibility for the holder of a public contract to be compensated by the State for damage and destruction linked to demonstrations organized on public roads.

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Sur l’impossibilité du cocontractant de demander la nullité de son propre contrat !

The impossibility of the contracting party to request the nullity of his own contract!

CE 4 October 2019, Joint Union for Sustainable Development of East Var for the treatment and recovery of household waste, req. No. 419312.

 In that case, the Conseil d'État recalls that the fairness of the contractual relations precludes a co-contracting party from availing itself of the irregularities that it may have committed to claim the nullity of its own contract and to release itself from its contractual obligations.

Teaching n ° 1: No one can invoke his own turpitude to question his contract

In its judgment of 28 December 2009, Beziers I ", The Council of State has already had the opportunity to recall in his famous decision" Beziers I " than " the irregularities on which the parties rely are those which, having regard to the requirement of fair contractual relations, may be invoked before it (CE Ass 28 December 2009, application No. 304802)

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Portées des clauses de règlement amiable et titre exécutoire

Scope of settlement clauses and enforceable title

CE 20 September 2019, Sté Valéor, Ref. No. 419381

The Council of State reminds that when a contract provides for a conciliation procedure prior to a dispute or litigation the public person can not legally issue an enforceable title for the settlement of sums corresponding to a dispute relating to the performance of the contract without putting previously implemented the mandatory conciliation clause. On the other hand, it can not contractually renounce its power to issue an enforceable title against its co-contracting party after the implementation of the conciliation procedure.

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La portée du caractère obligatoire du règlement de la consultation

The scope of the binding nature of the consultation rules

CE 22 May 2019, Corsica Ferries Company, n ° 426763

The Council of State recalls that the candidates for the award of a concession contract must comply with the requirements imposed by the regulation of the consultation and may be exempted from this obligation only in the event that one of these requirements is obviously devoid of any utility for the examination of candidatures or offers.

Teaching # 1: Reminder binding nature of the consultation rules

The texts and the case law recall the mandatory nature of the consultation rules

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Contrat de mobilier urbain : marché public ou concession de service ?

Street furniture contract: public contract or service concession?

CE 25 May 2018, Sté Philippe Védiaud Advertising, 416825

Order No. 2015-65 of 29 January 2016 now allows certain contracts for street furniture to be attached to the category of service concessions and to abandon the systematic categorization of a public contract which essentially stemmed from a desire to submit to the rules of advertising and placing in competition those contracts which could not, if they do not relate to a public service, be subject to the rules applicable to public service delegations.

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Clarification des modalités de passation d’une concession provisoire de gré à gré !

Clarification of the procedures for awarding a temporary concession by mutual agreement!

CE 5 February 2018, City of Paris, n ° 416581

This judgment is doubly interesting: on the one hand, it considers that a contract for the exploitation of street furniture, including for advertising purposes, can be qualified as a service concession within the meaning of Order No. 2016-65 of 29 January 2016 on concession contracts; on the other hand, it clarifies the conditions under which an interim concession of services can be concluded by mutual agreement without complying with the rules on advertising and call for competition.

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Référé suspension et délégation de service public : quelques indications sur les éléments permettant de prouver l’urgence!

Referred suspension and delegation of public service: some indications on the elements allowing to prove the urgency!

CE 22nd of December 2017, Department of Mayotte, n ° 405006

In this case, the Conseil d'Etat gives interesting indications on the elements that can be taken into consideration by the judge of the interim suspension to assess the condition of urgency to suspend a decision made by a public purchaser within the framework of the execution of a public service delegation.

As a reminder, Article L. 521-1 of the Code of Administrative Justice states that the judge hearing the application for interim measures may order the suspension of the execution of a decision, or of certain of its effects, when the urgency justifies it and when a means of creating, in the state of the investigation, a serious doubt as to the legality of the decision. The condition of urgency to which the imposition of a suspension order is subject must be regarded as satisfied when the contested administrative decision prejudices in a sufficiently serious and immediate manner a public interest, the situation of the applicant or the interests he intends to defend. It must be demonstrated, supporting evidence, which was not the case here.

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Les modalités d’indemnisation des biens de retours au terme d’un contrat de concession

The terms of compensation for return goods at the end of a concession contract

CE 25 October 2017, Commune of Croisic, n ° 402921

This judgment provides an opportunity to recall the terms of compensation for return goods at the end of a concession contract including in case of early termination

As a reminder, so-called "return" goods are all goods, movable or immovable, made or acquired under a concession contract and which are, in principle, indispensable to the operation of the service.

In the silence of the agreement, these goods are deemed to belong to the public person as soon as they are made or acquired. In addition, the parties have the option to qualify as goods of return, by contractual stipulation, goods that do not appear necessary but only useful for the operation of the service (EC 21 December 2012, Municipality of Douai, n 342788) .

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Illégalité de la demande de remise d’une offre conditionnelle tenant compte de l’attribution simultanée d’un autre contrat par un autre acheteur public

Illegality of the request for delivery of a conditional offer taking into account the simultaneous award of another contract by another public purchaser

CE May 24th 2017, Commune of Limoux, n ° 407431

A commune had launched a procedure for the award of a delegation of public water distribution service, under the authority of the ordinance n ° 2016-65 of January 29, 2016 and the decree n ° 2016-86 of the 1st February 2016 relating to concession contracts. As this contract was awarded to Suez Eau France, the Urban and Rural Development Corporation (SAUR), an unfortunate candidate, appealed to the judge hearing the application for interim relief asking her to set aside all the decisions relating to the and if the municipality intended to conclude the contract, to order the resumption of the award procedure at the notice stage. Since the judge hearing the application for interim relief annulled the award procedure as of the analysis of the tenders, the municipality lodged an appeal in cassation before the Council of State, which pronounces in this case on the legality of the request by the buyer. public of a conditional offer taking into account the simultaneous award of another contract by another public purchaser.

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Concession de mobilier urbain: attention au respect du règlement local de publicité !

Concession of street furniture: pay attention to the respect of the local regulation of advertising!

TA Paris, April 21, 2017, Company Extérion Media France SA, n ° 1704976

The City of Paris has launched a procedure for the award of a service concession relating to the operation of public information publicity furniture. After becoming a candidate, the applicant company declined to submit an offer and asked the city to declare the procedure unsuccessful. After the designation of the successful tenderer, that company applied to the administrative court for a pre-contractual injunction for the annulment of the award procedure. In that judgment, the judge hearing the application for interim measures rules on the impact of the breach of the local advertising rules on the regularity of the award procedure.

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